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Monday, December 22, 2003

She stood on the green hill, and looked around at what should have been ground, but was covered in fog. In her hand she held a letter, and for the final time she opened it. Slowly, she brought the letter up to reading level...

I love you Ariana, I really truly do. I just want you to know that this is something I have to do. I will come back to you, I promise. I promise on everything. I will come back. I love you Ariana.

Love always and forever,
Almost invisible a tear rolled down her cheek and fell down into the fog. "I love you Luke...but this is too much...". It took all of her strength to let the letter go. Tears blurred her vision, though she could still see the letter floating away, doing sharp twists in the air as it headed towards the sea.
Her legs were like wet noodles when she turned to leave. By now, her face was stained with tears. Ariana sauntered on towards town, still not believing any of this had ever happened. Her left hand grasped the handle of her small dagger until her knuckles turned white. An hour later, Ariana finally made it to town. Taking a left and then a quick right, she arrived at her house.
"I'm home!!" she yelled as she stepped in the door, "as if anyone cares." she muttered soon after and shrugged.
Sighing heavily she looked around her house. Pissed off and feeling the blood rushing to her face, she stormed into her bedroom and slammed the door. The slamming of the door was synonimus to the throwing of the dagger into the wall.
"LUKE!!" she screamed as she went and grabbed the dagger to throw it again.
As she reached for the dagger, she realized it wasn't facing the right way, but she didn't notice in time. Her wrist was penetrated by the dagger and blood flowed freely down her arm as she cried out in pain. Pulling her wrist away as fast as her reflexs would let her, she looked around the room. Deep down, she knew there had to be something else in the house with her, but what she had no clue. Almost at a running pace, Ariana ran to the bathroom and grabbed a towel and put it over her gapping wound. Stepping out of the bathroom, she heard a faint noise, that sounded like someone walking.
"Is someone there?!" Ariana tried her hardest not to let her fear sound in her voice, "if there is, just come out...please."
As soon as she said it she knew it was a mistake. Her head jerked to the left, and she was looking at what should have been the kitchen doorway, but instead she was standing face to face with...


Quickly realizing her mistake she turned to go to her room. Her face was striken with shock. She was standing face to face with Dominique.
"My GOD!" Ariana screamed dropping the towel.
Dominique laughed,"I'm sorry. Nobody answered the door."
Ariana took a second to catch her breath, "Please don't do that again."
Dominique nodded, "I just came by to let you know that I saw Luke. He looked angry and I thought you might know why."
Fear struck Ariana, and she had to clench her fists and ignore the pain in her arm, "No, I don't know," she paused to overthink, but decided not to say anything, "sorry."
"Oh, that's alright." Dominique turned to go, "Hope you two are still happy, but I've got to get going, guests are coming." and with that Dominique left never noticing Ariana's wrist. Ariana picked up the towel.
By the time Ariana got back to her room the towel was crimson. She looked around to find the dagger, but it was nowhere to be found. Ariana sighed and turned to walk to her bed, but stopped dead in her tracks. Right there in the middle of her bed was her dagger. She shook her head in disbelief and went to apply more pressure, out of fear, to her wound, but there was no towel. Or wound.
"What's happening?!" Ariana asked as she backed up.
She expected to back up into her door soon, but to her surprise backed into a warm mass. Not caring what it was, she began to feel, to try to discover what it was. Against her will Ariana turned around, half expecting it to be Dominique come to tell her something else.
"How would you like those to always heal like that?" the voice said.
Ariana's mouth was gaping as she stammered, attempting to find words that were nowhere to be found. She quickly turned and took one step to run. The warm mass grabbed her.
"I don't think so."


Ariana felt dizzy as the hand around her neck tightened it's grip. Her breathing was slow and heavy as her world began to engulf her.
"This is it," she thought as her limbs went numb, "I'm going to die."
Later . . .
“I’m dead,” Ariana was sure of this, but did not know why she could feel tears cascading down her cheeks.
Afraid as she was Ariana suddenly found herself debating whether to open her eyes or not. Finally, after what seemed days she came to the conclusion to open her eyes quickly. This way, if she was frightened she wouldn’t have to see it unfold slowly before her thus creating more fear. Instead, this way, she could attempt to overcome her fate as rapidly as possible.
To her amazment she opened her eyes to a giant room. Though frightening in size, the room did not scare her.
“This is gorgeous,” Ariana heard herself say aloud.
The room was all red. There were long drapes over the windows. On the floor was a lucious red carpet that stretched to five of the doors she could see. She discovered she was laying in a bed that was, at it’s peak, almost two and a half feet off the ground. The fluffiest crimson comforter overlayed silk sheets that made Ariana’s smooth legs slide.
“Legs...My legs, why are they uncovered?!” she yelled.
Just then the door on the far right opened. A tall, beautiful woman walked in.
"W...where am I??" Ariana stuttered.
The woman smilied. Her teeth were white and her canines looked especially long. "You're in my brother's house," she stated simply. Her voice was sweet and simple yet still gave the impression she always got what she wanted. Ariana caught her eyes wandering down this woman's body. Her tan skin looked soft and made Ariana want to feel it, to see if it was real.
"Is there something wrong??" the woman asked noticing Ariana's eyes, "I'm Nicole, in case you're wondering." she said as she walked towards Ariana.
"No, not at all." Ariana forced a smile.
"That's good," Nicole said as a grin began to cover her face, "are you feeling alright?"
"I'm fine," Nicole was slowly walking towards Ariana in an entrancing walk. Her hips swayed perfectly as her breasts bounced slightly.
Now Nicole was right next to Ariana, "You're a very pretty girl." she overlooked her features, "did you know that?"Nicole said, as she reached up to wipe away a strand of hair from Ariana's face.
Ariana could find no breath in her throat, her only impulse was to touch Nicole. To see if she was real, if she could feel. Ariana lifted a hand and touched Nicole's face. Nicole did nothing at all to stop her, she actually seemed to be smiling.
At last, Ariana realized what she was doing, "I'm sorry" she said with a sudden jolt of energy.
Nicole grabbed Ariana's hand and placed it on her breast, "Not at all a problem."
Crimson flushed Ariana's face as she felt her own hand grabbing for Nicole's breast. Once Ariana eased into it she sat up. She cautiously grabbed for Nicole's buttons, and smilied as Nicole nodded her on. Ariana undid the first button, then the second, then the third, slowly and beginning to feel the heat flowing through her body. Finally, there were no more buttons to undo and Ariana had only one choice left. Slowly she pushed Nicole's shirt off and sat in awe staring at her large breasts that seemed to call to her.
"Let me, " Nicole said in a voice barely above a whisper. "you know you want to..."

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